ABOUT US: Accommodation

On all of our trips, we select accommodations that best reflect the style of the region and the unique cultures found in each village. We carefully choose each of the hotels, bed and breakfasts, and inns we use, with an eye towards providing the most authentic surroundings; many are truly exceptional, and we are not shy about splurging when we find the perfect inn with the right mix of charm, comfort, and superb cuisine! That said, we still enjoy many of the smaller, simpler inns typical of days gone by, and strive to find the perfect balance among simplicity and comfort, charm and amenity. 

Note that this trip includes four nights of bivouacking (sleeping under the stars, using only natural shelters – when available). The first two nights you will sleep “under the stars,” as there are no natural shelters. You will be expected to provide your own sleeping bag and pad, which you will carry with you on trek, along with your personal belongings and your food provided for the day.